How to Remove WP-Admin Login Prompt in Vultr ?

Looking to remove the wp admin login prompt on your website hosted on vultr? this guide will help you do that

Vultr is one of the best cloud hosting companies which provides VPS and cloud hosting, I personally use Vultr on some of my niche sites and so far it has been a great experience and it has a great uptime which means my sites rarely experience downtime.

If you have used Vultr in the past (or) if you are a new Vultr user, you might have encountered an error with vultr while logging into your newly created WordPress Dashboard asking for an extra login.

Here’s a simple guide to remove Vultr WP Admin login prompt

How to Remove WP Admin Login Prompt in Vultr ?

To Remove WP Admin Login Prompt in Vultr, you need to Install PuTTY on your Computer

1. Download and Install latest version of PuTTY on your Computer

2. Login to your Vultr account, click on the three vertical dots and select server details

3. Copy the site IP Address, you can find it on your screen

4. Open PuTTY application and Enter your IP Address and Click “OK” and you will see a terminal

5. In the Terminal type username and password from the server details you accessed.

Hint : Right click to paste in PuTTY

6. copy the below command and type it in your browser


7. Click Ctrl+X to Save the configuration and you will no longer see the WP Login Prompt on Vultr

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