How i Made over 2100$+ in 6 Months Using Elementor Pro [Case Study]

In the past 20 months I have made 2100$+ on autopilot using a simple WordPress Plugin called Elementor Pro, I’m documenting the detailed case study about how I made extra money while running the site on autopilot.

I’m not going to reveal the domain name or the affiliate program i used. However, you can use this case study as an example and implement and see results for yourself.

I started this specific project in Last week of January 2019 and it was a new domain name and not an expired domain name, I purchased it from NameCheap for 12$  and started publishing content from February 2019.

Amount spent on this project :

Domain Name : 12$ (NameCheap)

Web Hosting : 5$/month (Vultr) + CloudFlare Free Plan

Content : 0$ (I Wrote the content all by myself)

Plugins : I only used one premium plugin (i.e., Elementor Pro – 36.75$)

Total = 53.75$

Content Creation : I used Ahrefs and SEMRush tool to find low competition keywords related to my niche, I have made a list of all the low competition keywords in a notepad, sometimes the SEO Tools aren’t accurate and can show you the delayed results also it might vary from country to country, for instance Google UK and Google US show different results for a same keyword. So I started manually searching these keywords by inputting them in Google Search.

One simple way to find more keywords in your niche is use tools like KWFinder, Ahrefs, SEMRush, UberSuggest and Related Keyword Finder.

Go to any of the Keyword Research Tools listed above and input your keywords and see the difficulty and searches for that keyword.

Most people gets confused that in order to start working on a website you should have at least thousands of searches for a keyword, yes that is true if your site monetization model is PPC such as Adsense or because PPC sites pays on a click and unless your website generates thousands of visitors every month you can’t make decent income.

However, that is not the case with affiliate websites, Affiliates websites pays commission based on sales rather than clicks. I have had affiliate websites that made me more money with 1000 visitors a month than an Adsense website with 50,000 visitors a month.

Keyword Research :

From February to March 2019 i posted about 20 articles on this website and each article is of about 500-1000 words. In Addition i also used long tail keywords at the end of the titles such as “Best {Keyword} 2019, {Keyword} 2019, {Keyword} buying guide 2019, {Keyword} 2019 USA” are some examples that i used.

Plugins : I used basic plugins and used only those i need, I deleted any extra plugins that added no value as it will slowdown my website. Here’s the breakdown.

SEO : RankMath

Front-End Design : GeneratePress + Elementor Pro, TablePress, Shortcodes Ultimate

SEO : In March I stopped writing articles and focused on OFF PAGE SEO Completely. I made some Web 2.0 links, Forum Links, Profile Links and sharing the website on the Facebook and Twitter Handles.

In the second week of April 2019 the site started ranking for long tail keywords like “{Keyword} 2019 on first page and main keywords were ranking on 5th – 7th pages, In next few weeks the main keywords started ranking as well and finally in the last week of April i started seeing spike in the traffic.

Monetization : The average affiliate commission is about 13$ per sale. I used the affiliate product links of the product in each post and did some tweaking, after some A/B testing i found out about the color of the button, CTA button, Theme of your website plays an important role in conversions. I made some changes and in three months the site made about 62$ (Until June 2019) which isn’t that great and i knew that site had much potential and can make more money.

Tweaking : In June 2019, I started checking my competitors websites to see what tweaks i can make to increase my affiliate revenue, I checked my top 10 competitors sites and at least two of they were using exit pop-ups, I knew there are tons of companies that are offering exit popup for WordPress and i started checking some of the sites, I stumbled upon a really popular website and it was one of the best product in the industry but it was way too expensive and the pricing was about somewhere 200-400$ a year and it was clearly not in my budget, so i started looking other options.

The next day i started seeing advertisements on Facebook News Feed about Elementor Pro and one of the thing i found was Elementor was offering Popups as well with pre-designed templates. and they were offering discounts as a part of their anniversary or something and the sale lasted about a week, I grabbed the single site license for 36.75$ to test it on my niche site

Fortunately I didn’t have to write hundreds of lines of codes or spend hours designing templates as Elementor already had about 60+ free templates for popups. I chose a simple design started working more on CALL TO ACTION Headlines and Button Colors ( I have used this specific one ) and i kept playing with CTA Headlines to see what really works.

Elementor Pro has many features like in the popup button you can add where you want to show the popup exit box, you can either select in one post (or) select in multiple pages at once by selecting the category you want to show it on.

Eg : If you want to show the popup through out the “Shoes” category just select the shoes category and all your posts with shoes category will get this exit popup

Testing and Results :

After one week of using Elementor Pro, I have started seeing the results. In the first week i made over 40$ and by the end of the month i made 150$+ below are some screenshots from the project.

Earnings :

Below is the lifetime stats of the website.

The screenshot above is from July 2020, as of October 2020 we have made 2100+$ from the website since the website was first created in January-February 2019

Conclusion : As you can see the site started receiving traffic in May 2019 and it peaked in June 2019 until the update, The only mistake i made was i wish i had did my due diligence earlier and take action before the site lost traffic, I’m sure i could have made over 2000$ in the May-June 2019 Months alone as i was ranking #1 for high search volume keywords and flipped it for a good profit. But, this is an expensive lesson i learnt and i will be implementing the tactics i have learnt with this sites in future projects.

Update 2 (as of 03/Dec/2020): The Affiliate Program that i have been working with has closed and i didn’t find any relevant offers to promote on this niche. Since the website was created in January 2019 the site was hammered from multiple Google updates first update itself as you can see the graph above where the site started losing traffic after May-June 2019 and more updates just crushed the site since i wasn’t actively writing anything on the website as i was busy with my other projects. This directly resulted in the website going to 10 visits a day from 6000 visits a day and i felt reviving this site would cost me more time and money which i could put into an other project so i let this website expire.

I’m sure you have learnt something from this post and implement it in your affiliate or regular projects to boost your conversions.

Profit / Loss : I have already recovered what i have spent on this project.

I have invested around nearly 60$ (Plugins, Domain) + 60$ (Hosting) on this project so far and have made 2100$+

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